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Refugees From Tents to Houses
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Awtad/Molham Residential Complex To Relocate 320 Families From Tents To Proper Housing

An update on Awtad – Molham Housing Complex in Northern Syria

Last week, 17 families were urgently relocated from tents to houses following the collapse of their tents because of a snowstorm.

Since January 2021, we proudly have been cooperating with Molham Team to:

  • Build a housing complex of 320 units to relocate families from camps to their new homes.
  • Dig a well to provide the complex with water
  • Build a school inside the complex for the kids in the community and the neighboring camps.

The Awtad - Molham complex is still under construction, and the infrastructure, including the sanitation system, has not been completed yet. The complex is not fully ready to receive the relocated families, but some of the most distressed families were moved in, until the complex is fully completed and operational.

We still accept donations to complete the construction of the housing units.

$ 30000
88 %
End Date