Who Are You?
Awtad Charity Organization is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), registered in Uganda since December 11, 2014.

We are a group of volunteers from different nationalities who decided to make people's lives better.
We started from Africa, Uganda, Jinja.
What are our sources of funding?
 We rely on donations from individuals. 
Is there a minimum for the donation?
 No, there is no minimum. 
Every single donation, small or big, makes a difference. 
How can I donate?
You can donate online via our donation page.
Should you have any enquiries, please contact us on our Facebook page or via the contact form.
Do you accept volunteering?
Yes. You can register by filling our volunteering form.
We will contact you by email as soon as there is an opportunity.
What do you do?
We help the community by providing support in the fields of food, water, education, healthcare as well as caring for orphans, special needs and needy families.